If you have your undeveloped basement finished, it can provide you additional living areas. Actually, you can add an extra bathroom and enough storage area as well, which can help to almost double your functional living area. Though it seems like a massive job to take, it can have both monetary and practical returns especially with a reputable renovation company and detailed planning. Without such things, you can see yourself with tons of unexpected expenses and headaches. To make sure that you’re properly dealing with your developmental project, here are the following mistakes to prevent doing: 

Placing a wet bar that won’t ever be utilized 

One of the most popular options for basement renovation includes adding a wet bar. However, it can also increase the renovation cost. Plumbing and electrical should be installed together with the small kitchen place itself and its entire finishing. Think about how frequent you’re planning to entertain downstairs and how frequently do you plan to utilize it. In most cases, it will not be utilized very often. As an alternative, you can consider installing a bar cart that you can wheel out during special gatherings and occasions.  

Not thinking about both artificial and natural light 

If possible, place more windows within your living room downstairs. All bedrooms need an egress window in order to adhere to the building code. If you want to put in a living room or family room, think about mounting a bigger and nicer window there as well. Even if it’s quite underground, a newly installed window with a big window well can still enable natural lighting your house has, the better.  

Moreover, you need to consider the kind of artificial lighting that you install downstairs. You wouldn’t want to have too much lighting downstairs, however, you also do not want to sit in the dark. Hence, you need to choose wisely about which lighting is best for you and your needs.  

Failing to waterproof throughout the construction 

If any are in your house will flood, it will more likely be the basement. Before putting up other finishes and drywall, make sure that you are setting up a waterproofing system, which includes proper drainer, a sump-pump, and vapor barriers. This is something that an expert contractor can do that for you.  

Not inspecting the moisture problems 

Your basement does not need to be apparently wet to get a moisture issue. It can possibly get a problem that just takes place once the snow melts every spring and if there’s heavy rainfall. Just because it appears dry, does not mean that it won’t have issues along the way. Moreover, even the smallest water amount can lead to tons of damage when it’s accumulated behind the walls. Constructing a basement is a great investment, hence, guarantee to have it protected by hiring an expert to check any possible issues before the walls will go up.  

If you consider the basement finishing in Spokane, make sure to reach out to the experts and have them done for you today.