A lot of property owners think that by employing a general contractor, it implies that they need to do massive home projects, like kitchens or bathrooms. Although, you may be pretty shocked to know that general contractor Spokane can assist you with so much more in your house. If you want to know how they can help you out, here are some of the major projects they can do for you: 

Basement development 

Renovating or finishing your basement won’t just provide you more space but can serve as pretty much anything. It can be an extra family room, a nice place to store things, or make it a man cave that you have always liked to have one day. Although, before all these can be made possible, it’s essential to guarantee that everything is following the area’s code about this. General contractors can guarantee this. Also, they can tell whether any area requires to be improved and help you in finishing your basement project from the beginning to the end.? 

Home extensions 

If you’re searching for ways to expand your home or a particular room in your house, then do not worry since general contractors are always here to assist you. For remodeling projects that need structural changes, they can let you know what to expect, what cannot and can be moved, and which walls are load-bearing. Apart from that, they will also help manage the project for you from the layout, design, details, and all throughout the completion. In terms of building onto your house, general contractors will help you create a plan. Adding a home extension is a massive job to take and a big decision to make. But, with their help, they can show you what you can and cannot do, obtain the required permits, and give more advice if needed.? 


The kitchen is the home’s heart. You don’t just want the kitchen to match your design style, but you need it to be functional as well. With something as massive as kitchen remodeling, there are a lot of decisions that need to be considered, from countertops and cabinets to layout, design, and everything in between. With the assistance of general contractors, you can achieve the kitchen of your dreams. It will be performed right the first time as well so you don’t have to worry. Moreover, general contractors are expected to have knowledge of the industry and they’ll help source the greatest materials while managing and hiring the trades that’ll match and function on your renovation.? 


Projects for bathroom remodeling can extend from something as minimal as changing the color of paint to a total redesign and gut. A general contractor can be helpful in terms of bathroom renovation since they have experience with several parts of the renovation. For example, if you’re searching for ways to move the electrical, plumbing, or something as massive as a wall. General contractors can obtain the required team, materials, and permits to have the job completed.?